During 10 days, 12 young artists from Luxembourg and abroad worked and lived in Steinfort’s natural reserve. The Antropical residency offered an open space, a research laboratory for the participants to develop their concepts based on the surroundings.
The Antropical project is carried by the artist Aurélie d’Incau complimentory to the Kolla Festival. The final presentation is the result of a collective initiative to bring Art into nature.

Opening : 5th of August from 17h to 22h
Exhibition until the Kolla Festival, from the 19th of August to the 21th of August.

Aurélie d’Incau

Audio guide, mp3 and map

We gladely invite you to take a different route today. Challenge your everyday life and let yourself be guided by someone elses stories, thoughts, amazements and worries. Find out about the poetry of observation; absorbe a piece of memory and feel the time and experience as if it was your own. Simply chose a colour on the road, follow its path and tune into the marked numbers next to it.

You can pick up the audio guide at the Accueil Mirador

 At the Kolla Festival 

2pm to 7pm (closing 8pm)

Marta Masiero

The Border Project: Luxembourg/Belgium, postcards and installation with objects and photographies.

A border could be geographical, cultural, political, spatial, natural, artificial, even the squared piece of paper has a border in itself. In the natural reserve around Steinfort there are bounds that mark the border between Luxembourg and Belgium. Using these artefacts as a starting point, I speculated about their meaning.

Anastasia Chaguidouline

A Song for the Butterflies, voice performance, 3 minutes

I couldn’t find words, for the first time, to express my relation with the surroundings. Only voice and sound and silence. Singing for, and not about this place.

Frau Herr

Waldgeist, Turandala, installation, nature materials

You say everyone we know, one day will surely die. But everything that dies in some way returns.

Jiulia Paskeviciute & Anouk Chambaz

Vegetation walk, performance filmed with a drone, 7 minutes

To-do list on the walk :
-enter the wild vegetation
-make a path, not intentional but unintentionnaly intentional
-have lunch mid-way

In the cinema wagon:
Open from the 19th to the 21th of August 14h-20h

Anouk Chambaz

To have an existential crisis, film captured with a robot, 6 minutes

What if robots could think ? A naive and absurd piece about the inner feelings of a robot living in Steinfort.

In the cinema wagon:
Open from the 19th to the 21th of August 14h-20h

Céline Villaneau & Anastasia Chaguidouline

Reflections, audiovisual EP, 5 minutes
It is a series of five video recorded songs. Five sceneries and reflections in various natural contexts, adapting quotes into melodies provoking thoughts while longing for a shelter. An ode to the green.

In the cinema wagon:
Open from the 19th to the 21th of August 14h-20h

Joost Elschot

Topinambur Records (I made a guitar but I don’t know how to play it), interactive installation

The Antropical project will be the launch of the everlasting topinambur records. Fuel for the people out of sunflower roots. People are invited to join and discover a self built guitar and make tape recordings, enjoying a shot of liquor while philosophising about life and the blues.

Frau Herr

Aka ana lower away, interactive social sculpture

All we need is all around you/us. Just to put a smile on your face.

Nika Schmitt

Letzeboier Fullenascht, sound installation

History is written every day, the essentials are read and commented. None of the titles or comments are edited nor invented.
Source: facebook comments at L’essentiel online.

Frau Herr & Julija Paskeviciute

Present in the kitchen, performance, sound and dance

Intuitive collaboration

Frau Herr

Papalagi, installation
There is no yours, or mine. This space is an open space, where we come together. How do we want to live ? Inspired by the book : der Papalagi.

Astrid Rothaug

Szandohyr, ink, acrylic colour and watercolors on wood
The series Szandohyr is about curiously moving between the observation of my social surrounding and the stories that come to my mind. I enjoy starting with an observation of my environment and letting my imagination take over soon, finally watching the line that grows under my hands without ever knowing how it will look in the end.


Tagebuch, sketchbook: ink and watercolor on paper
My book Tagebuch was created during the time I spent at the Antropical residency, making it become a kind of visual diary in the end.

Joost Elschot & Cas Banierink

2 Artists Arrive at a Residency, photography

2 artists arrive at a residency, one from the Achterhoek, the other from Twente. One brought 2 bottles of Grolsch. A beer manufacturer that moved its factory from one to the other location. A discussable move since the two area’s in the Dutch east country side are often confused. Both artists don’t live in their hometown anymore, but drinking a Grolsch after a hard day of work brings back memories of their country side childhood.

Céline Villaneau

Coding Nature, internet art installation

The piece is a body of work composed of five websites linking the natural surrounding of the Antropical residency to the digital world. Data collected in nature is translated into code; from collecting hourly changes of the light, digitising found stones and landscapes, the elements taken apart are put back together - data back to data. The whole process reflects on the organic possibilities for relationships and individualities to bond and blossom in nature.

Anastasia Chaguidouline

Being a Plant

Astrid Rothaug


The mural painting Visitors is a visual story of vivid moments I experienced during my time in Steinfort, captured drawing. For Visitors I also took my inspiration from houses in the city centre. I asked the artist Cas Banierink to come up with texts that I could include, letting them pop up here and there, visiting the wall just the way my drawings do.

Joost Elschot

Du Hauer

On a excursion through the mines of Rumelange I saw an old poster that was creating awareness of the workers mutual responsibility. Next to this sign, the mine was full of don’t touch warnings. I took the hand with the exclamation mark out and claimed it as a sign for a do it yourself attitude. An existential shoutout related to Sartre’s A better world starts with yourself.

Céline Villaneau


The painting refers to the eponym piece which is part of the project Coding Nature, it places the digital back into the physical space as an ephemeral testimony of it’s online existence.

Cas Banierink

In search of: Lapis Devorandum, mixed media research

An exploration into the unseen. A collection of artifacts and notes about an animal only existing in the minds of a tiny few.

Bob Erpelding & Aurélie d’Incau

Residence for non-humanoïds, mixed media

Construction site. Work in progress.
We can’t enter. But they can.

Nika Schmitt

Steng-sin-fort (the rocks are gone), stones, sculptures and maps

The value of original or copied objects as in an artistic context just as in a natural environment is questionned throughout the rock-treasure hunt Steng-sin-fort in the forest of Steinfort.
A variety of rocks have been removed and replaced by casted copies. Further instructions: see the map attached.

Bob Erpelding

Wildman’s Dreams chalk and coal on concrete
Primitive paintings for modern life documentation.
XX, performance
Performance for 4 trees, 1 human, 10 meters copper wire, in a time interval of many years (work in progress). The trees are tied together and are supposed to grow together, if they want to.

Multiple installations with found objects in different spots in the forest
-Trash.chest, walking through the forest, collecting trash, arranging all the stuff.
-Untitled (Bird), sacrifice for the voidness. To find by yourself in the forest.
-Let’s get up & do something, dwarf just broke out of a garden of Steinfort. Wanted dead or alive. To find by yourself in the forest.

Frau Herr

One and a million patterns, interactive happening

What is culture ? Nature = Culture. Create a pattern, create your own culture.

Marta Masiero

The Border Project: Luxembourg/Belgium, postcards and installation with objects and photographies.

Images were captured with the help of an optical object made by mirrors. Later on these images were returned to Steinfort in form of interventions. In parallel, a postcard is produced and given to the public, the only rule is to address it outside Luxemburg, so the image of the object that delimits the border can overpass it.